Wassail Blog, a division of Wassail Press

We here at Wassail have a distinct vision, a vision we’ve developed in the midst of the Lords’ body; around tables, debating, laughing, rejoicing, weeping and sitting next to our brethren in worship service; a vision we’ve developed while petitioning our God on the bride’s behalf.

Wassailing is essentially a blessing or toast and one can do it in two ways. The first is going door to door, like caroling, singing the excellent anthems of Christ’s commonwealth and the other is to go out into the fields and sing to the fruit trees a blessing for a good harvest. A manifesto is a public declaration that is political in nature, what our tribes would call a Creed.

Our vision here at Wassail is to discuss the Glorious community of saints and the good life lived in the presence of our Lord and King. There are other theological and cultural magazines; we are not aiming at being an echo or imitation. We are the distinct literary voice of Christ Covenant Church. Our goal is to engage in all aspects of community in the world, the covenant family and the inner sanctuary.

Wassail is a literary newspaper about strategy. Strategies to live a full-orbed Christian life, engage culture to the glory of Christ and enter the inner sanctuary in rapturous humility.

Community is about more than having a good time. It’s about struggle and reconciliation and becoming a more mature person. It’s about knowing what grace is and going out into the field and petitioning the Lord on behalf of the trees. The yield is plenty. So this is our declaration and invitation to you. Let us lift our glasses in wonder and with joyful hearts bless the Lord and his bride and the harvest that is ripe for the gathering.


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