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They are born near page one;

quickly collect the bits of providence

that shape and carve from clay; men.


I hold their lives in my hands,

turn over the moments that made them,

wishing for myself, so much more

to be like these lives.


Read truth, warts and all,

see the secret thoughts of men long dead

I speculate on how and why;

see them in the deep valley of the soul,

then assail the peaks of conquest.


I love to sit comfortably in my armchair

and judge

and live, vicariously.


But above all,

after the jaunt through history,

I love to sit at the deathbed

of men long asleep in Abraham’s breast

and listen to their last words.


And ponder.

And number my days.

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Posted by on March 14, 2011 in poetry


Protestant Apologetics

The colors of my homeland fly atop the mainmast

with the black pennant, beneath

signaling no quarter given


We’ve taken on fresh water

and a crop of limes

We’re flush with powder and 12 pound shot


A sail’s been spotted on the horizon

The order’s been given to chase

The drums chant


We’re to our stations

to run out the guns

and watch

the distance to our prize

close rapidly


As the boatswain begins a tune

and we all join in

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Posted by on February 26, 2011 in poetry