The Importance of Clothing

Written by Chris Comis

The nature of clothing is more than merely the attempt to cover our unseemly members.  Clothing is not just for the sake of keeping the body at a certain temperature; nor is clothing merely for the purpose of displaying glory and honor. Clothing is an external and bodily manifestation of our inner-most convictions and loves.  In other words, our ultimate need to clothe ourselves is not because we are Homo erectus, but rather because we are Homo adorans.  We worship someone or something and our dress reflects who or what we worship.

Clothing has three primary functions and goals: to give life, to bestow glory, and to impart wisdom. We need to take a little closer look at each of these three primary functions and goals of clothing: Read the rest of this entry »

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The Methodist Painter; Van Gogh the Apostate

Vincent and Theo van Gogh's graves at the ceme...

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By Michael Kloss

History is a schoolroom. The lives of covenant members, good and bad throughout history, teach us and our children lessons about our own trials, tribulations and faith. There is nothing new under the sun and the best way to deal with situations that arise in our times is to correctly understand our history. God moves and shapes events, and there is much we can learn from the dust that has risen up and been laid aground before us.

Vincent Van Gogh can teach us a great deal about the real sin of Apostasy. Yet, the psycho analysts would instead turn his struggle with faith into a steamy story of drugs, whores and artistic impetus. Few know that before he was a painter, he was a Methodist preacher. He was an evangelist and schoolteacher. He loved God’s word, studied it and declared it. Read the rest of this entry »

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True Liberty

Written by Dean Hellekeson

Liberty is a word that is thrown around like an over used Frisbee.  Everyone in America is using it, and everyone in America is defining it, yet very few understand it.  And why is this?  Because we now live in the age where you can make up definitions as you go.  There is not a “right” answer, only “your” answer.  So, with everyone allowed to define, we now live in a wonderful world of polytheism. Read the rest of this entry »


Thoughts on Government

By Michael Kloss

If angels were men then we wouldn’t need governments. Governments are not a necessary evil. They are a blessing from God in direct response to the reality of mans depravity and inability to govern himself as he should in light of the laws of God. We should be thankful for the provision of government. Political leaders exercise justice, execute the law and defend the citizens from enemies foreign and domestic. The modern view of government as a necessarily horrid and sordid group of mongrels, is inaccurate and an overreaction to the mismanagement of state affairs by generations of politicians. Even inept governments like ours, haunted by the gospel, offers some justice and protection, though dimly. Governments are not evil in themselves, but are only as evil as the men who wield them. Read the rest of this entry »

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Wassail Manifesto

We here at Wassail have a distinct vision, a vision we’ve developed in the midst of the Lords’ body; around tables, debating, laughing, rejoicing, weeping and sitting next to our brethren in worship service; a vision we’ve developed while petitioning our God on the bride’s behalf.

Wassailing is essentially a blessing or toast and one can do it in two ways. The first is going door to door, like caroling, singing the excellent anthems of Christ’s commonwealth and the other is to go out into the fields and sing to the fruit trees a blessing for a good harvest. A manifesto is a public declaration that is political in nature, what our tribes would call a Creed. Read the rest of this entry »

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